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Sage 100 Instant Document Management

Are you looking for an easy way to attach an image of vendor bills while in AP Data Entry? Maybe even attach warranty certificates to inventory items or Sales Tax Exemption Certificates to customer records? Sure, you can implement a full-featured document management system, but that’ll set you back plenty. Perhaps you’re inclined to customize various Sage 100 Data Entry and Maintenance screens to accept a file name/path to your stored images? I’ve done that before as well, but it’s time-consuming and doesn’t handle attachment changes well once transactions are updated.

I’ve come across an enhancement that makes the process easy, affordable and a no-brainer. It’s called InstaDocs, and it works well.

Not only can you drag and drop files to transactions and master records, such as vendors, customers and items, but you can edit them AFTER having updated the transactions! Need to attach different file types? Can do! Plus, you can even tag the files with keywords for later searches.

Concerned about security? No problem, as InstaDocs allows you to define what users are able to see and do.





When configured, InstaDocs will even store images of Vendor checks, PO’s, Customer Sales Orders/Invoices/Statements! Price is 1K per module, plus implementation… and you need only purchase the desired modules. Contact me for a demonstration and a fixed fee quote.